Big Money

Big Money 1.22

Big Money (or Big Money Deluxe) contains three games in one package
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Big Money (or Big Money Deluxe) is a game package that contains three different games: Action, Strategy, and Puzzle. The aim of the three games is to collect as much money as we can, so that the money meter reaches the highest position and we move on to the next level. Each game features three levels of difficulties: easy, normal, and hard. The colorful user interface is quite similar in all the three games, although each of them has its own playing mode.

"Action" is an arcade game where we must collect groups of two or more coins with the same matching color until there is no single coin under the moneybags. In the "Strategy" game, we must collect groups of three or more coins until we have enough to level up. In the "Puzzle" game, we must collect groups of two or more matching coins until one moneybag touches the ground. The groups of matching coins can be in horizontal and/or vertical positions.

We can set the music volume, select to play in full screen mode, view the high scores, check for updates, etc. The game is very easy to play, as the game panel is context-sensitive and lets us view the coins flashing in groups when we move our mouse cursor over them. We can test this program free of charge for one hour.

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  • Free trial
  • Colorful interface
  • Uninstall option


  • A little bit boring
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